Passenger Information System (PIS)

On-board Passenger Information System The passenger information system (PIS) is designed as a modular system whose final appearance can be customized by adding and modifying individual components or sub-systems and by programming the functions specified in the project. There are basic functional entities in AMiT’s PIS: IP Display System IP Audio System IP Surveillance System[…]

Passenger Visual System (PVS)

Passenger Visual System (PVS) IP system of display (information) units is designed primarily for applications in means of passenger transport. It consists of a TFT display, LED panel and LCD or VFD display technologies that are implemented into: Passenger Information Systems (PIS) Surveillance Systems (CCTV) Infotainment and Entertainment Systems Seat Reservation Systems (SRS) Rugged LED[…]

Surveillance System (CCTV)

Surveillance System (CCTV) The AMiT surveillance system (ACASYS VS) for railway and rolling stock provides more security and prevents vandalism and other crimes in vehicles by monitoring video data from IP cameras located inside and outside vehicles. Stored data can help to prove crime or the cause of accidents. The IP surveillance system (CCTV) uses[…]

Audio System (PA)

Audio System (PA) The IP audio system is the AMiT digital audio system for railway and rolling stock that provides all the essential requirements of vehicle audio communications to as: automatic acoustic announcements to passengers from a central information system the driver’s communication to passengers an intercom between the driver and the conductor/ train staff[…]

Reservation System (SRS)

Seat Reservation System (SRS) A seat reservation system can be a part of a passenger information system of compartment or open passenger carriages. There are two types of reservation displays. To control seat reservation displays can be used e.g. control computer of information system. The reservation displays are designed mechanically so that their assembly could[…]

Passenger WiFi (PWLAN)

Passenger WiFi (PWLAN) The AMiT internet solution for railway and rolling stock is built on infrastructure assembled of GSM routers (WRT product line), WiFi access points (WAP product line) and supplementary components like antennas and cabling. The thus assembled infrastructure can be part of a network of the vehicle, or may be designed as a[…]

Train Control & Management System (TCMS)

Distributed Control System The AMiT powerful distributed control system¨controls all technical equipment in the rolling stock. This robust and temperature-durable system fulfils all extreme requirements for operating the rolling stock in accordance with EN 50155. The data exchange between the CPU and I/O units runs on a CAN bus that has wide range of connection[…]

Train communication network (TCN)

TCN Communication The basic components of the communication network in rolling stock (TCN – Train Communication Network) are a Wire Train Bus (WTB) that provides data communication throughout the whole train unit and a Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) for data exchange (communication) within the vehicle or group of fixed connected vehicles (consist).  Each consist that[…]

Communication Infrastructure

Communication Infrastructure Ethernet network has been successfully used and proven as inexpensive and reliable means of real-time on-board rolling stock communication. Ethernet elements of train networks meet the demanding requirements for resistance to extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, vibration and against electromagnetic interference. Of course there is high reliability of Ethernet communication and the ability of[…]

Our news

SIFER 2023

We recently presented our products at the SIFER international exhibition in Lille. At the exhibition we presented our latest technological solutions in the field of traffic control, including PA, TCN, TCMS and HMI systems. We are proud to have been part of such an important gathering of experts [...]

SIFER, Lille, France

AMiT, spol. s r.o.,  –  Transportation group will be again present at international exhibition  SIFER, Lille, France We cordially invite you to visit us Information: SIFER, Lille, France Halls 1, 2 & 3, Lille Grand Palais, 1 Boulevard des Cités Unies, 59800 Lille, France Stand : 1-646 [...]


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